A Smooth Ride for the Barracudas

by Oscar Ruval

A Smooth Ride for the Barracudas

Hidalgo, Texas (January 29th, 2019) - The Rio Grande Valley Barracudas are currently on a SIX winning game streak as they’ve beat Tacoma Stars, Monterrey Flash, Dallas Sidekicks and Turlock Express not just one time, but three times. The Barracudas are now looking to hopefully keep their winning game streak and possibly raise it up to an eight winning game streak as they confront the El Paso Coyotes in their next two matches of the 2018-2019 MASL season.

Both teams have yet to confront each other this season but looking at each team’s statistics, the Coyotes will have to step up their game if they want a chance at beating the Barracudas. The RGV Barracudas currently hold the number two position in the Southwest division standings and the El Paso Coyotes currently hold last place. This isn’t, however, an impossible task for the Coyotes. All things aside, there’s always a chance to pull the unexpected.

A win for the Barracudas will mean a possible first place standing in the Southwest Division and a winning game streak of seven, possibly eight. A win for the El Paso Coyotes will raise up their winning game streak to two, where they can start up a high enough streak slowly but surely.

The El Paso Coyotes vs RGV Barracudas match is first scheduled for Saturday, February 2nd at 7:15 PM MST at the El Paso County Coliseum and then again Sunday, February 10th at 5:35 PM CST at the State Farm Arena, a home game for the Barracudas.

Viewers will be able to watch the game online at: MASLSoccer.com

To get updates on the matches, followers can follow Barracudas’ social media platforms on Facebook and Instagram: @rgvbarracudas and on Twitter: @barracudasfc.