Another Victory On Record

by Oscar Ruval

Another Victory On Record

Hidalgo, Texas (January 20th, 2019) –  In what was considered the game of the week by many, the RGV Barracudas vs  Monterrey Flash game concluded in an astonishing 7-3 final score with the Barracudas taking home the victory. That's right, the Barracudas have done it again and will  now be moving on with a three win game streak.

The game started off feeling hopeless for the Barracudas as Monterrey Flash immediately scored two goals in the first five minutes of the match. However, this certainly did not break nor stop the Barracudas as they themselves managed to score two additional goals of their own ending the first quarter with a 2-2 even tie.

Throughout the second quarter the game remained a tie as neither team gave up the opportunity to raise the scoreboard. In the third quarter, things began to turn in favor of the Barracudas. The Barracudas gained a huge advantage of the game by scoring a total of four goals throughout the quarter. Monterrey Flash by this point did everything to close the markers and managed to gain a single point with an additional goal of their own. The third quarter ended with a 6-3 scoreboard.

By the fourth quarter both teams looked drained but were evidently pushing their all for the final win. With a 6-3 scoreboard, Monterrey had 15 minutes to catch up the Barracudas but when the Barracudas scored yet another goal, this was slowly fading away from them. The timer went off and thus concluded the Barracudas vs Flash match with an over all score of 7-3 in favor of the Barracudas.

The RGV Barracudas will now go on to face two important rivals this weekend, the Dallas Sidekicks and Turlock Express, each for the second time this season.

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