Barracudas Conquers Tacoma Stars

by Oscar Ruval

Barracudas Conquers Tacoma Stars 

HIDALGO, Texas (January 6th, 2019) - The Rio Grande Valley Barracudas gained their first at home victory of the season with a four point lead against the Tacoma Stars this Sunday. This victory means the end of a two winning game streak for the Tacoma Stars and the beginning of a clean winning slate for the Barracudas. 

The game started off strong with the first goal scored by midfielder Michael Ramos of the Tacoma Stars and seconds later tied up with an assisted goal by Emmanuel Aguirre of the RGV Barracudas. The game remained a tie all throughout the rest of the first quarter and the entirety of the second quarter. Shots were still fired from both teams. 

Moving on to the third quarter, things began to look glum for the Tacoma stars as the Barracudas began taking the point lead with four goals scored by Diego Zuniga, Carlos Hernandez, Gustavo Rosales, and Moises Gonzalez respectively. The score at this point was 5-1 in favor of the Barracudas. 

With only one quarter left in the game, the Tacoma Stars began to recover and shortened the 4 point gap by scoring an additional three goals by Nick Perera, Pablo Da Silva, and Micheal Ramos but found it wasn’t enough as the Barracudas toughened up their game and scored an additional three goals themselves. The three goals were scored by Moises Gonzalez, Mitchell Cardenas and an astounding goal from Diego Arriaga, the Barracudas goalie himself. 

This concluded the match and the Barracudas took home the victory with a final score of 8-4. The Barracudas are now on a clean slate for gaining victories and the Tacoma Stars go home with their second loss of the season. 

Next match for the RGV Barracudas is scheduled for Sunday, January 13th against Turlock Express whom they’ve previously defeated and thus was their first victory. The Tacoma Stars will go on to encounter Monterrey Flash Friday, January 11th right at home. 

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