Game 4 Recap (RGV Barracudas vs Monterrey Flash)

by Oscar Ruval

Barracudas Fall to Defeat by Monterrey Flash’s Golden Goal

BY: RGV Barracudas FC

 The Rio Grande Valley Barracudas took a loss today after having been defeated by Monterrey Flash with a final score of 6-5. It is recorded that this is the Barracudas’ third loss of the season with exactly one goal in difference. The team will now be on a streak of reaching 2 OTs since their season first began. 

Monterrey Flash, on the other hand, will go home taking yet another win after having had won their first at home game of the season. Flash is now officially on a winning game streak and are now considered undefeated. 

The RGV Barracudas will now await their next victory as they take on Tacoma Stars January 9th of the upcoming year. Monterrey Flash will try to keep their winning game streak and fight to remain undefeated as they take on San Diego Sockers December 28th. 

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